The Sugar and the Salt

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Installation view

Title: The Sugar and the Salt

Video: 17.31 minutes /15.39 minutes
Bruce Davies

This video work stems from my interest in the reasons for and the effects of de population in rural areas and how we maintain the connection with our history and traditions. How does this affect the communities who remain and what happens to their culture?

The film was shot at 2 different and contextually opposing places - the Power Park fun park and the Ränkimäen Talomuseo. The first half of the film was shot at the Haankimaki Museo, Lapua, South Ostrobothnia, Finland. This is a grassroots, unfunded local history museum that is culturally and emotionally very important to the local community. The film captures a traditional carpenter at work renovating the wooden farm houses at the museum. The particular task in hand shows a ladder being made from a tree cut from the site to assist the craftsman when working on the roof. The second half of the film was taken at the regions biggest cultural facility ‘Power Park’. A typical theme park bearing little relation to traditional culture ( built in the middle of ‘nowhere’ but commercially provides a substantial contribution the regions economy). My experience at the park gave me high adrenaline entertainment but one that was short lived unlike its slow burn cultural counterpart the Haankimaki Museo.



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