Managing natural habitats in an age of climate change.

CREATE/DESTROY was a durational and performative project that focussed on the principles of traditional woodland management used by nature conservation organisations to draw out a visual conversation that that could contribute to the discourse surrounding the future management of the landscape under pressure from climate change. initial point of reference for this was an interest in the difficulties and challenges facing land managers involved in traditional land management when making decisions about the habitats under their care when faced with an uncertain environmental future. The ancient Beech woods of the South Chilterns in the South east for example, are not expected to survive the predicted rise in temperature. How do you plan for the unknown? Should the Beech woods be clear felled now to ensure that a more drought hardy, possibly alien species is replanted so that, at the very least a carbon sink, (albeit an impoverished in nature conservation terms), will still remain? If so when do we start, who will cut the first tree down? As the impact of our life styles continues to spiral upwards and our reliance on non renewable energy increases, so what for the future? Nature conservation, amenity, carbon sink or bio fuel?


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