Sleaford City Limits! 2010: Volume 1


I have always wanted to release a record... Well who hasn’t? I have also wanted to do cover art too. Punk record covers were very influential on my early work from the style to the ethos. Creating the LPR! platform was an attempt to capitalise on those early influences but in such away as to create ways to let other people have a shot at the lime light too. Some of my favourite records are compilation records. Often these were produced as fund raisers or at least ones that didn’t bring in much of a return. These were done by small independents pushing their best acts for the love of just getting it out there. They were brave times. Still inspired by this I decided to bring out a record that reflected a grass roots, DIY ethos which benefitted the communities they were made in but also shone a spot light on their creative efforts. It also gives us a snapshot of what’s going on in the area and provides an incentive to get going on Volume 2 ...once the profits have rolled in....


Sleaford City Limits! 2010: Volume 1 was a collaborative project that took place the summer of 2010 at the HUB – the national centre for craft and design - involving contributors from Sleaford and the surrounding area. The ultimate aim was to produce a vinyl (33rpm) compilation album. The vinyl LP was pieced together during the spring and summer with the content donated by the artists. It was open to anyone with a connection with Sleaford and the surrounding area who make music, tell stories, tell jokes, record sounds, write poetry or plays, mix music in their bedrooms etc. Basically any audio works that could be recorded were considered. We managed to lay down about 40 minutes of music, vox pops and sounds that recorded for posterity the culture of Sleaford, and at the same time captured a tangible feel of the town. It is hoped that this idea of using an accessible format like vinyl(or if you like an open platform for presenting sound works), will encourage further responses from a wider range of individuals and groups who now will be interested in working together collectively to produce another original compilation album of what is happening in the Sleaford community at this time.


Getting in the groove...

As the audio material was gathered together LPR! was also looking for material and ideas for the design of the cover art for the album. The final design was directed by those who contributed ideas and designs during the exhibition and put together by LPR! The record label ‘Let’sPlayRecords!Records’ was established for the duration of the exhibition. It became the headquarters and drop in centre for the development of the vinyl project. Another separate space for production, assemblage and distribution activities was also created and became the record labels’ part time design studio for the cover art and fanzine. In addition to the fanzine ideas for inserts were encouraged - such as posters, lyric sheets and other flat pack freebies such as the fanzine. A launch party took place at the end of the exhibition for the album on 5/09/10 and featured a live playing of the album to the gallery audience. The album, on top quality 180 gsm heavy weight transparent red vinyl was released on the 5th of September, the 1st release on ‘Let’s Play Records!’Records and leaves behind an audio and visual social document of Sleaford of 2010.